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mEeT sTeVEn

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Somewhere between the heady optimism of drafting your book and the promised lands of being a published author, there lies a black pit of despair. It is the yawning abyss that swallows your energy, time, and very soul.


We call this the slushpile.


For aspiring authors who are trapped in this desolate place, it can seem endlessly gruelling and senselessly cruel. Worse yet, there is a creature who haunts this dark place, growling and gnashing its teeth. It approaches, and you feel its hot breath on your face and your nose prickles with the stench of decay of the corpses of the hopelessly naive writers who have tread this path before you, many of whom never left the slushpile.


The light shifts, illuminating a great and terrible beast. He subsists entirely on the unrealised literary dreams of the masses, and his appetite is bottomless. Many have faced him, few have survived. Even fewer can bear to recount the terrifying tale.

Meet Steven, the Slushpile Monster.


He will be your guide through this bleak wasteland—if you have the fortitude to consort with such a fearsome beast!


WHat is This aLL ABouT?

We have a lot of fun things for writers, readers, and book lovers!


Take a quick peek at our activities and if something strikes your fancy, please do get involved. Everyone is invited!


wHO iS tHiS foR?

Steven the Slushpile Monster hosts competitions, games, and a community for all writers, especially those trapped in the terrifying abyss of the slushpile.

We're all about having fun, making friends, and surviving the slushpile with our sanity (more or less) intact.

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