Are you looking for an honest critique of your writing?

Aspiring authors with complete, full-length unpublished manuscripts are invited to join the Slushpile Monster competition for the chance to win a free critique from our expert beta readers.


Submissions are limited to Young Adult (YA), New Adult (NA), and Adult speculative fiction in the following genres: fantasy, science fiction, space opera, thriller, mystery, contemporary, romance, supernatural, and horror.

We fully support diverse writers and actively encourage #ownvoices manuscripts to be entered into the competition!


aRe YOu eLIGiblE tO eNTer?

We've narrowed our focus to in order to increase the likelihood of matching participants with the ideal beta reader. However, that unfortunately means we can't accept every manuscript at this time. Answer these questions before proceeding.


Is your manuscript unpublished?

Is your manuscript complete?

Is your manuscript between 50,000 and 120,000 words?

Does your manuscript fall into one of these categories: Young Adult (YA), New Adult (NA) or Adult?

Does your manuscript fall into one of these genres: fantasy, science fiction, space opera, thriller, mystery, contemporary, romance, supernatural, and/or horror?

Are you planning to query agents or self-publish this manuscript in the future?

Are you seeking honest critical feedback?

The answer to ALL these questions must be YES in order to be eligible to enter.


thE sUBmisSIon paCKAge


  • To enter the competition, you must provide a full submission package.

  • Incomplete submission packages will not be considered.

  • The following materials will be copy/pasted into a Google Form (ensure you have a Google account in order to submit) and you will also need to upload a Word Document onto the form.

  • Questions? Be sure to check our FAQs.


A submission package includes:

Competition - text (2).png
Competition - text (2).png


Check out our list of beta readers and if you're on Twitter, follow them to get to know them better. Please pay close attention to their manuscript wishlist (MSWL) and only submit work that would be a good fit for that particular beta reader.

On the form, you will be asked to identify ONE beta reader to be your first choice, and ONE alternate beta reader.

Competition - text (5).png



Download the Word document and fill it out. You will need to provide your:

  • Basic information

  • Query letter

  • First 2,000 words

  • Answer three questions

Competition - text (2).png


We will send a link through our MAILING LIST at 11:30am EST and then we will share it at noon EST on TWITTER.

The submission window will close when each judge has received 30 entries so the earlier you submit, the better!

Competition - text (4).png


If you are selected as a finalist, the beta reader might request additional materials, including:

  • Synopsis (1,000 words max)

  • First 50,000 words of your manuscript (3-5 chapters)

  • Additional questions about the feedback you're seeking


rEadY tO SuBMit?

The submission window will open ONLY at 11:30 am EST for people on our mailing list and we will share the link at noon EST on Twitter.


Submissions will close when all the beta readers have received 30 complete submissions.

To access the form, we will share the link on our mailing list and on Twitter (follow @SlushpileSteven). 


WHat iS thE pRocESs?

Untitled design (3).png

Familiarise yourself with the guidelines, prepare your submission package, and choose the beta reader that best suits you as a writer and your manuscript.

​The next submission window will open at 12:00 pm EST on Saturday, 15 January 2022 and the link on the submission page will be activated.

​Each beta reader will review the full manuscript and provide feedback in comments, answer the questions you asked in your submission package, and complete a 1-2 page critique within two months.

Join our mailing list if you want early access! We will send the link to the submission form to everyone on our mailing at 11:30 am EST on Saturday, 15 January!

​Our experienced beta readers will close their submission windows after receiving 30 submission packages each. They will carefully review each submission package and provide sneak peeks into their thoughts on Twitter.

Beta readers will request a synopsis, sample chapters, or additional materials from three finalists. Each beta reader will make one final selection and request the full manuscript.