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Bookworm Bound Adult Entries (August 2022)

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Drumroll, please! Now presenting the entries for Bookworm Bound!

*-*-* ENTRY 1 *-*-*

  • Character: Keriya Soulstar

  • Book: Dragon Speaker (Series: The Shadow War Saga)

  • Author: Elana A. Mudgan

  • Portrayed by: Elana A. Mudgan

  • Twitter: @dragonspleen

  • Instagram: @officialdragonspeaker

About the character: Keriya is born into a world where everyone can wield magic without any powers of this. Because of this, she grows up an outcast in her small, isolated hometown of Aeria. Desperate to fit in, to prove her worth to the people who've told her she's worthless, Keriya convinces the Elders of Aeria to let her participate in the village's annual coming-of-age ceremony. Filled with determination and hope, she believes this will be the moment she finally finds her place in the world.

About the outfit: I bought this dress as part of Keriya's Book One look a few years back. Although it rarely features in my cosplays or promotions for my book, I actually love the look of it. Of course, while it's an excellent representation of Keriya's outfit, it's a real dress from an Etsy store I love! The fabric is light and airy, so I could wear it around town if I wanted. The peasant look is meant for Keriya, but the style -- simple, laid back, earthy -- works for me, too.

Why did you choose this character? While I love all the characters in my book series, Keriya is my main character, and her voice is probably closest to my own. Her journey and growth mirrors my own over the past few years as I finished The Shadow War Saga. This costume is also important to me because over the years as I've traveled and performed at book signing events, it has given me strength and power. It's helped me embody my character, and helped give me the confidence to keep going!

*-*-* ENTRY 2 *-*-*

  • Character: Melora Meadowthorne

  • Book: Cloak of Petals

  • Author: Kelly Kennedy

  • Portrayed by: Kelly Kennedy

  • Twitter: @KAKennedyBooks

About the character: Melora Meadowthorne is the MC of my MG Fantasy novel, Cloak of Petals. She's a Petal Guard army hopeful who takes off on a mission to find the Cloak of Petals. She wears leather boots and clothes she can fight bad guys in. She also has a token necklace that she uses to call her skunk, Petunia, to her aid.

About the outfit: Leather boots, army green shorts, a white tank and the Cloak of Petals itself! Plus the closest thing I had to Melora's skunk token necklace. I think she'd like the pine cone.

Why did you choose this character? I thought it would be fun to bring my own MC to life!

*-*-* ENTRY 3 *-*-*

  • Character: Goody Brown

  • Book: Winchelsea

  • Author: Alex Preston

  • Portrayed by: Inez Rodk

  • Twitter: @inezrodk

  • Instagram: @untruthseekers

About the character: “Goody grows as a tree might grow: in short, surprising bursts, followed by years in which she hardly seems to change at all. By ten she is already larger than many of the good women of Winchelsea, who watch condescendingly as she goes by on her father’s horse, her white-blonde hair a plume behind her, her clothing that of a stable lad or smith’s boy, her pale eyes set on the sea, or the high ridges of the Weald. Her father still dreams of making a lady of her, forces her into damask gowns, corsets and canes. She is happiest like this, though, out in the elements, or deep in the winding dark of Winchelsea’s tunnels and cellars.”

About the outfit: Most of the outfit was cobbled together from bits and bobs of Pirate Day gear (of which I have a growing collection). A friend wore the scarf as part of her pirate costume last year, forgot it, and now it’s mine. I found the ship at a charity shop, and it has graced my writing desk ever since, alongside various old maps and paintings from the area. I love getting my little grubby hands on anything local, especially if it’s nautical!

Why did you choose this character? I wanted to portray Goody Brown because she comes from a local book from a large, mainstream publisher. Winchelsea is a fictionalised account of the very real smuggling trade that flourished in the mid-eighteenth century, and it oozes historical details without drowning in them. Before finding this book, I was actually researching the smuggling era because I wanted to write some short stories to join my growing collection of indie local interest books. Well, turns out that I was on to a winning idea. I just didn’t get to it first. That said, I don’t want to give up completely on the concept. I feel there are more stories to be told, I just need to find them!

*-*-* ENTRY 4 *-*-*

  • Character: Annabeth Chase

  • Book: Percy Jackson & The Olympians

  • Author: Rick Riordan

  • Portrayed by: Niki Rhys

  • Twitter: @NikiRhysWrites

About the character: As a member of Cabin Six at Camp Half-Blood, Annabeth Chase is exactly what you'd expect from a child of Athena: smart, witty, strategic and stubborn. If you get sent on a quest to the Underworld, she's the one you want on your team. She's good in a fight and when you need someone to solve a puzzle.

About the outfit: Instead of going with the classic orange Camp Half-Blood T-shirt (which are very, very cool), I wore my black Cabin Six shirt with Athena's symbol on it, the owl. I also wore my drachma-inspired pendent with Athena on one side and her owl symbol on the other. Sadly, I did not have a baseball hat that could live up to her iconic Yankees cap.

Why did you choose this character? I am a huge Percy Jackson fan, and I've always identified with Annabeth. I, too, was called a know-it-all in my youth and spent hours upon hours reading. I'm super excited for the new series, and really looking forward to seeing a new take on Annabeth. My outfit, for sure, doesn't do her justice.


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