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Bookworm Cosplay Event - Saturday, 24 July 2021

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Announcing the first-ever Bookworm Cosplay event!

Bookworm Cosplay is an online event that is open to all bookworms! Join by dressing up as your favourite character from ANY book (published or unpublished) and WIN a prize. Yes, a REAL prize! Let’s be honest, we’re not here for honour or glory. We’re here for the money.

In addition, it’s a great chance to make bookworm friends, share your costume, and check out other participants’ creative costumes! Follow #BookwormCosplay to stay updated!

Who is this for?

Bookworms of all ilks are welcome to join. You can be a cosplayer, writer, reader or just a monster who lives in the slushpile - everyone is welcome!

What costumes can be entered?

This competition is all about unique characters, which can be from ANY book. We welcome:

  • Characters from published books

  • Original characters from unpublished books or stories

  • Costumes can be handmade or store-bought

  • One participant can enter up to three CHARACTERS with 3-5 photos + text description (each character will be judged independently)

Interested? All you need to do is...

Find @SlushpileSteven on Twitter, follow him (he will follow you back!), and ping him a DM saying that you’re interested in participating. However, there’s NO obligation to actually participate.

Steven will add you to the private BOOKWORM COSPLAY group on Twitter so you can chat with other participants and get the latest updates. Again, joining the group is NOT an obligation to participate. You can just quietly lurk. Those who wish to participate must prepare:

  1. Three to five photos of the costume based on ANY one character from a book

  2. 100-150 words describing this character. For characters from published books, you can take the text directly from the book or write your own. For characters from unpublished books, send the description from the draft.

  3. The character's name, title of the book, and author.

** The competition is over and done! **

Check out the entries and wrap up article here.

All entries will be judged on Saturday 24 July. Fantasticarium (@Fantasticarium) and Steven the Slushpile Monster (@SlushpileSteven) will share the entries on Twitter using #BookwormCosplay.

Need some inspiration?

Steven's favourite hobby is munching on the souls of hapless writers who dared to venture into the slushpit (obviously), but cosplaying is a close second. Check out Steven's entry for Lestat from The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice!

Submissions will be showcased on Instagram on @fantasicarium_official.

How will the winners be scored?

The entries will be judged on three photos + one text description.

  • How unique, creative, and immersive is the costume?

  • How well does it represent the character? Does it capture their aesthetic and vibe?

Who will judge the contest?

  • Judge's choice: We have an expert cosplay judge who will give scores from one to ten (one being the lowest; ten the highest).

  • People’s choice: We will run a poll on the day of the competition to find the audiences’ favourite. Even if you’re not competing, make sure you’re following Fantasticarium and Steven to see all the costumes and vote!

Scores from the judge and the people’s choice will be combined to find the winner.

What’s the prize?

I thought you'd never ask. The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble!

Ready to submit your entry?

Fill out the form and upload your photos by Friday, 23 July at 11:59 EST!

Meet the hosts

The Bookworm Cosplay Competition is co-hosted by Fantasticarium and the Slushpile Monster Writing Competition.

Fantasticarium: Enter the realm of the fantastic.

We strive to share our love of costuming and all things fantastical. Whether a gothic masquerade ball or renaissance festival, we aim to celebrate all realms of fantasy. Join us as we host various events such as cosplay and convention meet ups, photo ops, festivals and fairs, and masquerade balls.

Follow us on Twitter at @Fantasticarium and on Instagram at @fantasicarium_official.

Slushpile Monster Writing Competition: Are you a fiction writer who is struggling to find a good beta reader who will provide constructive criticism and is guaranteed to help you improve your writing? You're not alone!

Why not enter #SlushPit, the Slushpile Monster's writing contest to win a free critique from an experienced beta reader? We’ve also got games, resources, and a growing community of writers! Follow @SlushpileSteven on Twitter.

Also, don’t forget to join our mailing list so you never miss any of the games or competitions! We also share resources for writers. It's much more reliable than getting updated on Twitter, and we also have special mailing list-only content!

** The competition is over and done! **

Check out the entries and wrap up article here.

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