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Official Beta Reader: Inez Rodk

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Meet Inez, our resident ruthless perfectionist and reckless risk-taker.

About Inez Rodk

I always struggle to develop a biography for myself. Like most writers, my first inclination is to say that I grew up loving stories and I would obsessively read fantasy and sci-fi books while my brothers were out playing sports. I loved writing fanfiction, especially for Tamora Pierce’s books because her world was so big and easy for new characters to slide into. Fanfiction eventually gave way to a desire to write my better stories and build my own world. All these years later, I’m still doing exactly that.

Even though I first entered the world of fiction through a deep love of YA, and there's no doubt that I still adore the immediacy and immersive POV in YA, as I've shifted out of it. As I've aged, I dipped my toes, and indeed my entire foot, into the world of NA and Adult. I love when a realistic, fully fleshed out and gritty world swallows me whole, and can't resist morally grey characters and unexpected plot twists.

I have an unabashed preference for British English, or as I call it, real English. However, I am familiar with the peculiar rules of American and I'm happy to take on manuscripts written in English or American.

My current "book crushes" include:

For this competition, I am looking for:

  • Categories: NA, Adult

  • Genres: fantasy, science fiction, space opera

Do NOT submit to me if your manuscript is high fantasy, centres around assassins, is primarily set in a school, uses sexual assault as a plot device, is a light, fluffy fantasy or romance is the central plot (but romance as a subplot is more than welcome!).

DO give me your well-developed characters and relationships (romantic and/or platonic), found family, action-packed adventures, and unique concepts. I'm also interested in fully fleshed out magic system and immersive, gritty and/or historically-grounded settings.

My blog articles:

If you're struggling to find a good beta reader who will provide constructive criticism and is sure to help you improve your writing, you're not alone! Why not enter the Slushpile Monster's writing contest to win a free critique from an experienced beta reader like Inez?

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