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Official Cosplay Judge: Meggy Leigh

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Meet Meggy, our expert cosplayer with electic love of everything from Disney to manga to the macrabre!

About Meggy Leigh

Hiya bookworms! I love anime, reading, cosplay, and listening to music. I am also a HUGE Disney nerd and yet completely inspired by a gothic/macabre sense of fashion. I wore my first cosplay when I was 12, Raven from Teen Titans, to an anime convention and that's when I learned what cosplay was.

Since then, I have had many wonderful cosplay experiences, but my favorite is when people see my cosplays and are just so excited because of their love for the character. Also, the time I accidentally won a cosplay contest without realizing I was actually in one!

My Bookworm Cosplay inspiration

I love mostly fantasy with some science fiction, as well as anything to do with vampires, but I'm mostly a manga and comic book kind of girl when it comes to cosplay. With that said, my favorites are Naruto Uzumaki, InuYasha, and Regina the Evil Queen.

My favourite genres for cosplay

  • Fantasy

  • Gothic

  • Manga

Advice for cosplayers

I'm really excited to see and learn about the original characters and the creativity of something we haven't seen yet! My advice would be to pay attention to the finer details. Not just what can you add more of or to, but what can you spend a little more time to possibly improve? Also, of course, trust the process and don't give up!

My cosplay experience

One is me in my own rendition of the Evil Queen from Snow White, one is me as Kurama the Nine Tailed Fox Spirit from Naruto, and the other is myself as InuYasha from the anime/manga of the same name. Credit to @ismaelphotography305 on insta for the Evil Queen photo.

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Meet the hosts

The Bookworm Cosplay Competition is co-hosted by Fantasticarium and the Slushpile Monster Writing Competition.

Bookworm Cosplay is an online event that is open to all bookworms! Join by dressing up as your favourite character from ANY book (published or unpublished) and WIN a $50 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble.

Submit your costume BEFORE Friday 23 July!

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This competition is over and done!

Check out the entries and wrap up article here.

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