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#SlushPit Winners - 12 June 2021

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

We've rounded up the winning pitches!

Steven, the one and only Slushpile Monster, hosted the first-ever #SlushPit writing competition on Saturday, 12 June 2021. There was a flurry of tweets for five hours, and from the chaos emerged ten winners. Curious to see which pitches caught the judges' eyes?

Presenting the winning pitches (in no particular order!)

What did they win?

For this competition, they won a free critique of their query letter (for traditional publishing) or blurb (for self-publishing) from one of the experienced beta readers.

When's the next event?

There are plenty of upcoming games and competitions for writers. Check out the full schedule here!

Also, don’t forget to join our mailing list so you never miss any of the games or competitions! We also share resources for writers. It's much more reliable than getting updated on Twitter, and we also have special mailing list-only content!

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