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#SlushPit winners - August 2021

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

We've rounded up the best prose entries!

Hello, writers! After another successful pitch competition, we're happy to announce that we've selected eight winning entries! For this competition, it was all about the prose! We asked for your pitch (just to give us a preview of the genre, general plot) and the first 100 words of your manuscript.

Ready to see these tasty Tweets? In no particular order, here are the winners!

What did they win?

For this competition, they won a free critique of their first chapter from one of our experienced beta readers.

When's the next event?

There are plenty of upcoming games and competitions for writers. Check out the full schedule here!

If you're struggling to find a good beta reader who will provide constructive criticism and is sure to help you improve your writing, you're not alone! Why not enter the Slushpile Monster's writing contest to win a free critique from an experienced beta reader?

Also, don’t forget to join our mailing list so you never miss any of the games or competitions! We also share resources for writers. It's much more reliable than getting updated on Twitter, and we also have special mailing list-only content!

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