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Story Sleuths Book Club

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

A LIVE book club discussion for investigating story structure by exploring a popular MG book.

Do you want to improve your writing craft, make writer friends, and read an awesome book?

Well, you’re in luck! You can do all three by joining the Story Sleuths Book Club, hosted by Kelly Kennedy (@KAKennedyBooks)!

What is the Story Sleuths Book Club?

Story Sleuths is a book club that will analyse a popular middle grade (MG) novel once a quarter for story structure, with the aim of participants gaining a better understanding of effective storytelling in their genre.

What will we talk about?

Story Sleuths aims to analyse the structure of successful novels, in the hopes that participants can learn effective storytelling for their own WIPs. We’ll discuss each Act of the novel based on the 3-Act structure outlined in Save the Cat Writes a Novel by Jessica Brody. Participants will receive a reading guide to help organise their thoughts. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #StorySleuths on Twitter to find other friends in the club!

We’ll meet once every two weeks over Zoom to discuss one Act at a time.

When will we meet?

  • July 1: Download the reading guide and start reading!

  • Week of July 11: Meet to discuss Act 1 (1 hour)

  • Week of July 25: Meet to discuss Act 2 (1 hour)

  • Week of August 8: Meet to discuss Act 3 and wrap up (1 hour)

What book will we read?

We will ask YOU to vote on the MG book that you want to read! Head over to Twitter now (@SlushpileSteven) to vote on the poll (closes at midnight ET June 8).

Who can join?

All writers who want to improve their craft are invited to join. We’ll be discussing the Acts on Twitter under #StorySleuths, and posting a reading guide. If you would like to participate, please indicate your interest by filling out >> THIS FORM <<.

The maximum group size to participate in the LIVE Zoom is ten so make sure to secure your spot early! There is a possibility that we could create multiple groups of 10 for Zoom discussions if there is enough demand, so be sure to fill out the form if you’re interested.

We can’t wait to investigate story structure with you!

Trapped in the slush pile? Don't suffer alone! Meet Steven, the big blue monster that lurks in this hopeless black pit. When he's not munching on the souls of hapless writers, he hosts an online writing community dedicated to making friends, having fun, and improving our literary skills.

Don’t forget to join our mailing list so you never miss any of the games or competitions for bookworms! We also share resources for writers. It's much more reliable than getting updated on Twitter, and we also have special mailing list-only content!

Kelly Kennedy (@KAKennedyBooks) lives and breathes words. She spends most of her time, at her day job and beyond, reading and writing. The rest of the time, she's seeking out dogs to pet, snacks to eat or new places to explore. 10/10 would be friends if you can offer any one of those things.

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