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Tales & Wails: The Lost Toilet of Longleaf

Entry 6: Have you ever wanted to discover the truth of a local ghost story? If so, be careful what you wish for...

The Lost Toilet of Longleaf

Christina Wallace

The Lost Toilet of Longleaf wasn't special in any way except for reasons no one would say. After Hurricane Ivan, the school chose to wall it up, never to be used again. Mr. Scott told the tale during lunch, and rumors about a runaway student who died in that bathroom during the storm began to swirl. Why else would they make it disappear?

Kyle Daniels offered twenty bucks to anyone brave enough to find the bathroom and take a picture from inside. For Kevin, the new kid, this was his chance to prove himself and make friends.

Kevin had snuck into the school with ease. He sucked in a deep breath to calm his nerves as each step echoed off the tile floors and cinderblock walls. No matter which way his flashlight shone, shadows crept over the walls and stretched towards him.

Eighteen years had passed since the bathroom had been blocked off. Kevin had no clue where to start his search.


Kevin was certain a haunted bathroom wasn't real, but a school? He tightened his grip on the flashlight as he noticed the door to the art room, which should have been locked, was open.

“Hello?” Kevin called as he entered the room.

Kevin tried to peer around the easels on the tables, if someone were hiding, he wouldn't have known.

Suddenly, Kevin saw a face staring back at him.

"AAAAAHHHHHhhh!" Kevin shouted and flung himself backward into an easel.

Kevin scrambled to his feet— prepared to run— when he realized he had seen his reflection in the window to the supply room. He laughed and decided to check for clues.

Shelves lined the supply room, but behind them, Kevin noticed part of the wall was different from the rest. The shelf was hard to move, but Kevin managed to wriggle it away without knocking anything over. There was a door with no knob that had been painted to match the wall. This had to be the lost toilet!

First, the glass beads began to rattle in the mason jars, next vibrations ran up through Kevin's feet, and then the whole room shook. Kevin took a step back. Was this real? The seam around the old door began to crack and all at once, the door burst open.

Kevin gulped as he shone his flashlight into the dark room. The bathroom was ordinary— just a toilet with no water, a chipped sink, and a broken mirror.

"Hello," a voice whispered.

"Wh-Who-who's there?" Kevin asked.

"I'm so lonely. Won't you be my friend?" the voice asked.

He couldn't take it anymore. Kevin snapped a picture of the bathroom with his smartwatch and took a step back. The door slammed shut.

Kevin flung himself to the door and pounded his fists against the painted steel. All hope was lost. The school was empty. No one knew where to find him. Maybe in the morning someone would hear him and break him out, but what if he didn't survive that long?

"HELP!" Kevin cried out. "Somebody, help me!"

"No one helped me," the voice said.

Kevin gazed at the mirror. This time it was real— someone was staring at him. The figure was black, shapeless, and had white pits where its eyes should have been.

"If you take me with you, I'll let you go."

Did he have a choice? Kevin wanted to go home. He nodded his head before he could second-guess himself. "O-Okay."

The black form appeared before him inching closer and closer until they became one then the door opened once again. Kevin scrambled to his feet and escaped.

Deep inside Kevin's mind, the voice cooed, "We are going to have so much fun."

About the story

I am a stay at home mom. I enjoy crafting and playing video games with my husband. Above all else, I enjoy writing stories for children and teens.

I love the cooler temperatures the fall brings and all the colors on the tree and actually being able to enjoy the outdoors without drying from heat, humidity, and mosquitos.

I chose this story for my son. He told me about the legend of the Lost Toilet of Longleaf (his elementary school) and I thought it would be fun to craft it into a full story.

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Twitter: @cwallace_author


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