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Writer Spotlight: Kristin C. Dugas

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

A storyteller first and writer second, this New England-based wordsmith loves ride-or-die friendships with no shortage of quips and emotional support.

The Road So Far (yes, this is a Supernatural reference)

I’ve always thought of myself as a storyteller first and a writer second. As a kid, I used to make picture books and craft elaborate storylines that my friends and I would act out.

I started writing when an elementary school teacher of mine had us “free write” every day for twenty minutes. If it hadn't been for that teacher encouraging me to write and assigning the first fantasy book I ever read, I doubt I would be the reader or writer I am today. In fact, I still have the composition notebook I used for her class, which is actually where the story that would later become my first completed manuscript was written.

Since then, I’ve started more books than I can probably count, completed four more manuscripts, and rewritten several of them numerous times.

I’m a chaos drafter (my critique partner can definitely attest to this), so everything is literally in shambles after draft one. Because of that, I do an entire rewrite for draft two. I know it sounds scary, but personally, I find it easier to reverse outline from draft one and then start with a blank page rather than trying to edit in line. The words always flow much better when I’m writing something from scratch.

What I write

So far, everything I’ve written has been science fiction, fantasy, or some subgenre variation with a speculative element. I don’t have a ton of preference for one age category or another and have written several manuscripts across middle grade and young adult, finishing my first adult manuscript this spring.

Some of my inspiration comes from lived experience, but given the genres I write, that’s mostly in relation to the character arcs.

My other big area of inspiration is the art and media I interact with. If you like the kind of campy, drama-filled, supernatural young adult TV shows like Buffy, First Kill, and Supernatural you’ll love my books. Think ride-or-die friendships with quips and emotional support in equal measure paired with epic fight scenes. Plus, if you enjoy queer books with angry girls, you’ll love them even more.

That being said… I’m about to start looking for betas for my adult fantasy manuscript! It’s more dark academia than anything I’ve written before, and though I wouldn’t quite classify it in that genre, it shares a lot of those elements. If you’re interested in beta reading a book about messy queer students at a magical graduate school desperately trying to graduate (see the mood board below), definitely let me know!

Fun Facts

  • I’m based in the Northeast, so many of my books have New England vibes, whether in a city or country.

  • I have a maybe unreasonable number of spider plants in my home.

  • I love being outside! As long as I’m backpacking, running, skiing, or reading in the park, I am in my happy place.

  • I’m an enormous Elder Scrolls nerd. I try not to think about how much space Elder Scrolls lore takes up in my brain...

Connect with me

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